Monday, August 9, 2010

In the name of Kip McKean

To the novice, if any man other than Jesus Christ, demands Loyalty (with a capital ‘L’); Worship and Reverence; such a man violates the first three of the Ten Commandments; at best just know you deal with a Cult Leader! And run for your life!

Get Your Real Answers Here…

Kip McKean’s Cyber-Ministry scored undoubtedly the largest victory when they managed to obtain full name rights of The website first belonged to Jen Chambers who now runs McKean’s followers rejoiced because according to them, it will mark the end of the worst persecution we’ve received from any website on the internet!

It appears McKean got his victory because the website hold his name and according to them, Chambers – has falsified herself as Kip with her website

Hard to believe, Harding! Check your facts!

Another stupendous article by Ron Harding, title, “History Speaks For Itself” indicates all the inner workings of a cult in the making! The basic elements such as loyalty-worship-and reverence for the Leader (with a capital ‘L’) are clearly present. Indeed, repetitively, history speaks for itself! The archived article in my view offers the following detraction found somewhere in Exodus.

I am Kip McKean, your true Leader who brought you out of the dying Churches of Christ, out of mainline slavery and autonomy!

You shall have no false websites before me.

You shall not make for yourself a website to ‘go anywhere, do anything, and give up everything’ for such a slogan bears my intellectual property and persona. Remember, it is only I; Kip McKean who still believe world evangelism is possible!

You shall not submit to ‘Absolamic followers’ or worship with them; for I, Kip your Leader, am a jealous Leader, punishing any one who hates me, but showing love to those who follows my core convictions.

You shall not ‘through deception, out-right lies, and a complete distortion of the truth’ misuse the name of Kip McKean, for our new ‘Kingdom attorney’, Xavier Davis and our Cyber-Evangelist Ron Harding will hold anyone guiltless who ‘violate the rights of Kip.’

In the name of Kip McKean, no website ‘will no longer violate the rights of Kip – pictures and quotes – and our movement by using copyrighted and unauthorized content from our any of our websites.’

By Order of Some ‘Odd’ Movement’s shenanigans

PS: What is in a name?
For all attention and purposes, please take note that this blog is not Kip McKean’s nor will it ever become his domain! The name ‘Kip McKean’ was available on blogspot! First-come, first-served! Here, I reflect as a former member on the subject matter of Kip McKean and put my views for all to read. That simple!

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