Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kip still God’s man

The man in the mirror, Thomas Wayne McKean is best known as 'Kip' and he is never going to “make that change” …ever!

Ron Harding has just completed and published on Kip an exhaustive biography of that man in the mirror he describes as a true man of God hailed as a hero and a modern-day prophet liken to King David. Harding concluded: My prayer is that this commentary will silence Satan’s lies about a true man of God, Kip McKean.

Hardly Harding!

Harding with his first hand knowledge about the palace revolution which resulted in the destruction of Kip’s global movement deal punches right and left in order to get to the truth.

Not only is Henry Kriete the most obvious target sited as an extremely bitter evangelist in London but knives are out for Andy Fleming, Scott Green, Al Baird, Ferguson, Jacoby, Laing, Wyndham Shaw, Bruce Williams, Marty Fuqua, Peter Garcia, the Johnsons – the truth is that these people eventually have all force out the leader that even they for years had wholeheartedly agreed was “God’s man” – placed in authority by God to lead His movement and maintain unity.

Their rebellion is compare to an “Absalomic spirit.”

Now Harding is desperately attempting to prove them all wrong for returning to mainline theology by ignoring God’s “timing” for McKean to lead the ICOC. In time, God raised-up David to lead again – just as He has done with McKean! In the Bible, God always “raised-up” and “took out” His leader in “His” timing. God expected His people to trust Him and to wait on His timing instead of rebelling against Him and His leader.

McKean’s biography inherently exposes the group to be cultic because their leader is it with a capital ‘L’ despite trying to dispel the wrongs done by others serving under McKean’s gutsy leadership.

Needless to say, Harding’s biography on the McKeans touches on several aspects of the truth. Of first importance is the majority of the former ICOC leadership indeed embraces mainline theology.

The mainline church of Christ is now unequivocally part of the Second Episode.

In the past they have distance themselves from the former ICOC – accusing it a cult! For now, the International Christian Church (ICC) and the International Churches of Christ Co-operation Churches (ICOC) internal squabbles over Kip offer a slight distraction to the real issues at hand – the teachings of the Churches of Christ belief system.

Here, on the Internet, the mainliners’ church doctrine and belief system received little attention comparatively to her former foe! Now that most of the churches of Episode One era supports the mainline theology it will be interesting to see how the mainliners will react to discipleship relationships as taught by Kip. Let us not forget those of the “Absalomic spirit” also embraces it since 2005.

Eventually change will come for the mainline church of Christ when people everywhere will start to investigate its doctrine. All because of one man who’s followers thinks he is still God’s man.

Now would that not be something!

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